Switzer Network News interviews EIA’s Andrea Johnson!

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The Switzer Network, a foundation that is dedicated and committed to supporting environmental leadership, recently did an interview with EIA’s Director of Forest Campaigns, Andrea Johnson. The video gives an insightful look at the work EIA does, and why and how we are working to fight illegal logging. Illegal logging decimates the world’s forests, releases massive carbon monoxide reserves, and destroys the lives of animals and communities. Please take the time to watch the video above, and to learn more about our Forests for the World Campaign, click here!


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[Report:] ROUGE TRADERS: The Murky Business of Merbau Timber Smuggling in Indonesia

Click here to read EIA and Telapak’s new report that identifies kingpins in Indonesia’s illegal undercover timber trade.

Undercover investigations by EIA/Telapak in the past year followed the illicit merbau trade in China and Singapore, as well as Surabaya, Makassar and Papua in Indonesia. Merbau is a valuable hardwood used to make flooring, furniture and doors. Within Indonesia, almost all merbau trees are found in Papua in the east of the country. Papua’s forests form part of the last significant tract of intact tropical forests in the Asia-Pacific region. About a quarter of Papua’s forests have gone in the past 12 years. To learn more about these issues and to see what EIA uncovered during their undercover investigations, read the report, and read the press release.

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Photo of the Day [7.30.10]

(c)Environmental Investigation Agency

This photo was taken March 2001 in Nepal, India. It is a seizure of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) chemicals. CFCs are are man-made chemical compounds used as refrigerants, cleaning solvents, aerosol propellants, and blowing agents for foam packaging in many commercial applications. CFCs are harmful to our environment because they break down in the stratosphere, where the sun’s UV waves are more intense. The UV-induced breakdown releases free, highly reactive chlorine and bromine atoms from the CFCs. EIA has been working hard to eliminate the use of CFCs, as well as other harmful chemical substances. Click here to learn more about EIA’s global climate campaign.

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Photo of the Day [7.28.10]

Today’s photo was taken by Tom Crowley. EIA did an investigation in early 2010 into the grocerystore chain FamilyMart, and uncovered that FamilyMart plays a major role in sustaining the Government of Japan’s refusal to abide by the moratorium on commercial hunting of whales. FamilyMart sells canned whale meat in 25% of stores EIA surveyed, and is potentially a major distributor and seller of canned whale meat.  As the third largest convenience store in Japan, FamilyMart helps to sustain the whale hunting industry and the slaughter of protected whale species.

Click here to learn more about EIA’s Species in Peril campaign. You can read the full report on FamilyMart here.

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Video: The Forest Legality Alliance

Take a peak at our new video, which explains the newly formed Forest Legality Alliance.  The Alliance is a joint effort of the World Resources Insitute and the Environmental Investigation Agency, supported by the United States Agency for International Development and companies in the forest sector. Our goal is to reduce illegal logging through supporting the supply of legal forest products.  Click here to learn more about the Forest Legality Alliance.

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First Photo of the Day!

Here is our first photo of the day, taken during an EIA investigation in Madagascar by Toby Smith.

During investigations, the EIA team observed intensive logging of rosewood trees in the northeast of Masoala National Park, and transport of logs to Antalaha. The intensive transport of rosewood in broad daylight, on sections of road policed by Gendarmerie posts, both to the south and to the north of Antalaha, demonstrates a serious breakdown in the rule of law – if not the active collusion of law enforcement authorities with illegal timber traffickers. Our team will continue to analyze the documentation and evidence assembled during the investigations. This will enable a better understanding of the extent of the fraud committed, and a clarification of the international export chains of illegally harvested precious woods from Madagascar.

To learn more about our campaign to stop illegal logging, please visit our Forests for the World page.

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Our first post!

Hello! EIA has decided to jump into the world of blogging! We want to better interact with and engage our supporters, as we continue our mission to help fight environmental crime. This blog will be a space where you can see exclusive EIA photos and videos, read our latest reports and findings, and learn more about EIA’s investigations and achievements. We will be introducing a ‘Photo of the Day’ section, where you will get to view beautiful and amazing pictures from EIA’s numerous cutting edge investigations.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out, and keep checking back here as we post new and exciting content! Don’t forget to visit our facebook and twitter pages as well!

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