[REPORT:] The Montreal Protocol: Maximizing Climate Benefits from Ozone Protection

Click here to read EIA’s new report for the 22nd Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol: Maximizing Climate Benefits from Ozone Protection.

The 22nd Meeting of the Parties in Bangkok will decide whether to begin a phase-out on the use and production of hydrofluorocarbons. HFC’s are primarily used in refrigeration and air conditioning in favour of climate friendly alternatives. It is estimated that eliminating HFCs would prevent 88-140 billion tons of CO2 equivalent emissions by 2050. The Montreal Protocol was originally tasked with restoring the Earth’s ozone layers. Parties must now consider enlarging its mandate to include limiting and eliminating green house gas emissions from ozone depleting substances (ODS), ODS substitutes and ODS by-products. To learn more about these issues and to see what EIA is presenting at the Montreal Protocol MOP, read the report and press release.


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[REPORT:] Investigation Into the Global Trade in Malagasy Precious Woods: Rosewood, Ebony and Pallisander

Click here to read EIA and Global Witness’s new report that investigates the global trade in Madagascar’s precious woods.

Undercover investigations by EIA and Global Witness over the past year exposed the illicit trade in Madagascar’s precious woods such as rosewood, ebony and pallisander. The bulk of these exports serve the lucrative furniture markets of China, with some pieces being sold at upwards of $1 million. Small quantities of these exports head to Europe and the US for use in the manufacturing of musical instruments. These markets facilitate and promote the demand for Madagascar’s precious woods, which has decimated the country’s few remaining precious forests. To learn more about these issues and to see what EIA uncovered during their investigations, read the report and read the press release.

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Declarations and Due Care: Insights from Another Lacey Case

The World Resources Institute has written an informative article about tips on how to remain in compliance of the Lacey Act.  The article discusses the Gibson Guitar raid, as well as other cases relating to the Lacey Act, and what you can do to make sure you are operating within the law. We urge you to read it, in order to stay informed on these issues.


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View EIA’s Updated Overview video

Please take a moment to view the updated EIA Overview Video. This 3-minute video explains what the Environmental Investigation Agency does, and how our campaign successes have helped to positively impact the environment. Updated in this video is our Combined Federal Campaign number (if you are a federal worker, please consider donating to EIA, #26610!), as well as The New Yorker Magazine article featuring EIA.

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Interview with Toby Smith, a photographer who took our amazing Madagascar pictures!

Check out this interview with Toby Smith, a photographer that accompanied EIA on one of our Madagascar trips. He helped to get us amazing footage, as well as document illegal logging. EIA intends to use Toby’s pictures and video to prosecute those responsible for creating the international market outside of Madagascar.


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The Lacey Act Animation, now in Spanish!

Our Lacey Act Animation has now been translated into Spanish! This short and simple video gives an easy to follow overview of the Lacey Act and illegal logging. It takes the viewer through the journey of how an ordinary wood coffee table gets from the forest, into your living room. You may be surprised by what you learn about illegal logging, and how it may affect the furniture in your home!

And, if you don’t speak Spanish, feel free to watch the English version!

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Illegal Logging has Declined 25% in the Past Decade!

EIA’s Forest Campaign Outreach Coordinator, Anne Middleton, has a guest column in The High Point Enterprise! This informative article details how worldwide illegal logging has declined as much as 25 percent over the past decade, with reductions as high as 50 percent to 75 percent in key producer countries. The report emphasized the role the U.S. Lacey Act plays in motivating importers of wood to ensure their product comes from viable sources. This is great news, since EIA played a key role in helping pass the Lacey Act!

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